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hothead hotbed

so.... i stopped dying my hair [though i love! having different colour up there ]
instead i've been using different spices mixed w/ henna
last night - i tried the oh so lovely mixing of cinnamon / cloves & a touch... just a touch of cayenne pepper
bad idea... my scalp was inflamed for a few hours afterwards...
funny - i thought i had/have a high tolerane for hothothot
turns out i may be more sensitive than i thought.\
somehow this fact amuses me - i'm not hurley burley  ?

further to this mishap - i passes out at the bloodbank today
that is a first for me & i think my ego was scarred just a little

i need to correct some path that i seem to be living just a hair astray from
it must be setting me off - that MUST be it.....

clumsy schmumsy,


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