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doom season for budhists nearly over?

i've had a sinus flu for the past 4 days & evenings - the pressure is horrendous!
sat. i slogged through & sold a bunch of silk heart sachets i'd sewn [100 % of proceeds go to adsum hous - a shelter in hfx for women & children].
i attempted work today but only made it about an hr. in when irealized that my thought processes were being interupter by the pain in my eyeballs.
first headache in about a year - what a doozie.

all this time laying around in bed has got me to thinking about what i need to be doing more of in my time.
-meeting new ppl.
-crafting w/ the old

i'm having a difficult time determining if i'm happy - not a good sign.
i know i was about 3 months ago....

there's a harshness - almost a cruelty that i'm not too familiar with that i keep sneeking glimpses of.
i wish for nothing more than to find a new kind friend to console with...
i'm more emotional than usual & i think it because i cannot find anyone to relate with right now.

i'm going to start writing more in the evenings - i see this as a good outlet, going to check over at the zine library tonight for some inspiration.


muchmuch love



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