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fall 2010

in a few days / i'll be living along again.
b's exit has been rocky but i think i've handled it maturely & respectively as possible given the situation

things i'd like to do in near times:

- write a fantasy novel.... maybe for children & adults
- sew & craft more... maybe even for sale
- pay off debts... i don't like stress related to $
- get more at home / mightinvolve painting the walls / painting more in general / getting a couch

i haven't found the right words to respond to j's letter / i loved it so much, it really struck me in so many ways
i'm knitting him a scarf because i don't really know what else to do, but perhaps it could be accompanied with some words

halloween was so much fun for me this year / i would really like to take some time & think back on all of the awesome costumes
between gypsopheia masquerade / khyber dance / halcon - halifax's first ever comic convention [it was like costume dream land for me] + j and i go to work on a space helmet together which trulywas so great.... even if it flopped a little.




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