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5 June
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kind hearted helper seeks mind melders to network around the planet in the night. i enjoy tea & books in bed and in the bath. i love natural bath products, extracts, witchesbrews, vintage comics, edwardian dress, and magical carnival music. i like to hold hands & skip through the streets to the water, take me to the water. i'm drawn to a sky full of stars and those whos eyes light up like them to. i enjoy bogus dreams & will do everything i can to make them cometrue.
meet me in the muddle of the middle and i will careen sashet with sides until the end of time.
i have crooked teeth, freckles galore and superhero nylons on at all times.
meetmeet the ppll in need to - mssg me if you have a flight cap, WHIMIS, and are interested in mind wizardry.