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hermeneutic circle

lets make the whole thing up

a. superiority complex in that inner confidence isn't rooted in reality & therefore can sometimes lead to letdowns - especially when making bombastic assumptions.
b. inferiority complex in that outter confidence may not be rooted in reality - so what>

- i want to get into this world but... i dislike the overuse of the word 'reality'

* you'll find the path you need to be on & know when you're trodding the right way
* i love you & think if they regret to inform you of acceptances that i fully accept you 100%
* besides i couldn't live without you :]

some interesting searches last night:
hermeneutics - collective concepts such as language & culture [hermeneutics as alternative to cognitivism].
syntactics: relations among sign in formal structures
hermeneutic circle: reciprocity between text and context

i'm dreaming about hearing convesations under water / hearing chimes and feeling sunshine flood into the water below
i'm dreaming about bridges/ axis that connect people

things i wat to read more about: umberto echo / mme. blavatsky, aristotle / semiotics....  love


i cherish the scientifically unexplained


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